trusted partners

These are my Go-To places for trusted services or products. I will only EVER recommend brands that I USE in my business, and know they are top notch. 

As always, I believe in absolute transparency on my site. I am an affiliate for the products shown below. However, please note that I have not been given any free products, services or anything else by them in exchange for the promo. I do earn a bit of commission (for my Christmas fund!), but this does not affect the price you pay at checkout or your customer rights. Trace x


web hosting

TSOhost is the ONLY hosting company that I will use. Their technical support is so quick and helpful. They also support free SSL Certification with LetsEncrypt.  Their WordPress hosting starts at £2.99 a month, for up to 4 websites, PLUS free email accounts.

Use SUPER10 at checkout for a snazzy 10% discount!



Want access to Divi layouts, child themes and plugins to make your websites look proper Bobby Dazzlers?

Well campers, go and check out BeSuperfly. They have a FAB monthly membership scheme which is $25 a month. Totally bargain-tastic!

And…if you want to pay for the year upfront, it works out at $15 a month. A highly recommended resource for any Divi theme afficionado.

Free layouts every month, exclusive tutorials, and a 25% discount across the Store. Yes, I am a member so you know it’s tried and trusted.  




I like Adobe Stock for the best premium source of images, illustrations, and vectors (editable artwork). There are lots of free resources: Unsplash, Flickr, Pixabay etc, but the same images are being used over and over again. Using tired imagery isn’t going to make your business memorable. Every time I see that Unsplash image of the woman holding a sparkler, I do an eye roll! Try Adobe Stock free. You get 10 downloads. After that, it’s £19.99 a month.